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Ulysses S. Grant Information Center: Grant Cottage, Mt. McGregor, Wilton, New York

Information about General and President Ulysses S. Grant and resources for doing research. Includes material suitable for the K-12 audience.

Grant Cottage

Grant Cottage and Balmoral Hotel

Original Floral Arrangements at Grant Cottage

Grant Cottage, Wilton, New York

Grant Cottage Site

Grant Cottage, New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

Grant Cottage on Wikipedia

In this Adirondack Cottage Gen. Ulysses S. Grant died of throat cancer on July 23, 1885.  He arrived at the cottage from New York City on June 16, 1885, with his family, servants, and doctors. He was able to complete his memoirs here in the cool comfort of the mountain in the short time he had left.

Today, the cottage remains essentially the same as it was during the Grant family's stay. You can tour the downstairs of the cottage, viewing the original furnishings, decorations, and personal items belonging to Grant. The bed where he died and the floral arrangements from his August 4th, 1885, funeral are still there.

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Last Five Years of Grant's Life

Ulysses S. Grant's Funeral

The following are links to a variety of materials documenting the last five years of Grant's life and the preservation of the cottage at Mt. McGregor, New York, where he died on July 23, 1885 at age 63.   

Location of Grant Cottage

Map to Grant Cottage

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On the Porch at the Cottage

A Note from Grant to Dr. Douglas in the Spring of 1885

"A verb is anything that signifies to be; to do; or to suffer. I signify all three."