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Ulysses S. Grant Information Center: Family Members and Genealogy of Ulysses S. Grant

Information about General and President Ulysses S. Grant and resources for doing research. Includes material suitable for the K-12 audience.

Ulysses, Julia and Their Children

Ulysses S. Grant was a devoted family man. He and his wife Julia had four children and were fortunate not to lose any of them to an early death, as was so often in the case in those days of untreatable diseases and lack of medical care we take for granted today. They were proud of their children and the children respected them. 

Grant Family Genealogy

Here are some links to help you with determining genealogical information about Ulysses S. Grant. Please be advised that the author of this website does not know just exactly how Grant might be related to all of his collateral family. I cannot assist readers in determining if they are related to Grant in any way. Genealogical research is time consuming, but rewarding. Please start with these suggested links and also check with your local public library or historical society for assistance in doing further research. 

You may also email Diane Meives,, a person with a longtime interest in Grant genealogy and a willingness to help others with the same interest.

Genealogical information from the Grant Presidential Library.

Digitized Book: The Ancestry of General Grant and Their Contemporaries, by Edward Chauncey Marshall. From Hathitrust.

Report of the First Reunion of the Grant Family Association, 1899, edited by Arthur Hastings Grant. There are subsequent volumes for reunions of the Grant Family Association, but I cannot locate any that are digitized.

Brief listing of children and grandchildren of U. S. and Julia Grant.

The Descendants of the Presidents of the United States, by Walter Lewis Zorn. Self published by the author, 1954. 

Genealogies of the Families of the Presidents, by Henry Buchanan.

Excerpts about Grant's mother, Hannah Simpson Grant, as recorded in Early Records of Simpson Families, by Helen A. Simpson. Simpson family genealogy as well. From Hathitrust.

Funeral service for Hannah Simpson Grant. Take note that her son instructed the presiding minister that in no way was he to be mentioned in any laudatory manner. The focus was to be on his mother. Digitized magazine from Hathitrust titled The Pulpit Treasury: an Evangelical Monthly.

Book: The Genealogy of Galena: Nineteenth Century Americana, by Lorraine X. Page, Self-Published, 1993. Has 23 pages on Grant. This is available in 6 libraries in the United States. See the WorldCat

Links to Documents on the Grandchildren of Ulysses and Julia


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