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Ulysses S. Grant Information Center: His Tragic Death

Information about General and President Ulysses S. Grant and resources for doing research. Includes material suitable for the K-12 audience.

Grant's Final Illness and Death

General Grant's Last Battle -- Incidents, Events, and Reflections

Ulysses S. Grant's Funeral

The following are links to a variety of materials on the last days of General Grant's Life, his completion of the memoirs and the activities of his family. He died on July 23, 1885 at age 63 at Mt. McGregor, New York.   

Grant's Family at Mt. McGregor

Grant Family at Mt McGregor

From Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper

Grant's Last Ride in the Bath Chair, July 20, 1855


Grant in the Bath Chair

Grant's Death Bed


Grant's Death Bed


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Grant's Physicians - Dr. Shrady and Dr. Elliott

Ferdinand Ward and Ulysses S. Grant

Ferdinand Ward and General Grant

Ferdinand Ward

History of the Grant Cottage -- Where Grant Died on July 23, 1885

Saving Grant Cottage Book

On the Porch at the Cottage

Grant on the Porch at the Drexel Cottage

Grant's Personal Memoirs

Harrison Terrell, Grant's Black Assistant at Mt McGregor

Harrison Terrell

The Funerals

Grant's Funeral

New York City, August 8, 1885

Articles by Frank W. Mack, 25 Years After Grant's Death