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Ulysses S. Grant Information Center: Gallery

Information about General and President Ulysses S. Grant and resources for doing research. Includes material suitable for the K-12 audience.

A Gallery of Grant Images


Early 1865

General John Rawlins on left, General T. S. Bowers on right.

Ulysses S. Grant

Grant at Cold Harbor, May/June, 1864

Grant at Cold Harbor, May/June 1864Some experts say this is the most famous photo of the Civil War.

Grant as Brigadier General, 1861

Brigadier General Grant

Although this old photo says "Maj. Gen. U. S. Grant," it is actually a photo of him from the fall of 1861 early in the War when he was a Brigadier General. Notice the length of his beard. When his wife, Julia, saw this, she made him shave off the extra length. (Battles and Leaders of The Civil War, Part 1, Century Company, 1887)

This is Not Ulysses S. Grant

Not Ulysses S. Grant

Spurious picture of Grant for Harper's Weekly, March 8, 1862

 See the attached article for the whole story.

General Grant, 1866. 4th star awarded in 1866


U. S. Grant with Four Stars

Major General Grant of Volunteers, with Two Stars, 1862

U. S. Grant

Grant with his Horse, Cincinnati



Grant with Cincinnati


Grant on a Horse

Grant on Pinterest

Grant on Pinterest (U. S. Grant Information Center's pins)

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Depiction of the Surrender, by Alonzo Chappell

Lieutenant Grant, Upon Graduation from West Point, 1843

He graduated 21st in a class of 39 cadets.

Lieutenant Ulysses S. Grant


Early in His Army Career




Lieutenant Grant, Age 27, at Sackett's Harbor, New York.


Grant, June 1864

U. S. Grant

Reading Maps. He had an outstanding memory for topography.

Buttons and Stars

The military attire of Grant during the Civil War tells you something about his rank.

1861 June Colonel 21st Illinois volunteers. Eagle on his shoulder. Buttons in groups of 2.? Not sure.

Single Star on his shoulders, August, 1861, Brigadier General of Volunteer Soldiers. Buttons in groups of 2.

Two Stars on his shoulders, February, 1862, Major General of Volunteer Soldiers. Buttons in groups of 3.

Two Stars on his shoulders, Post-Vicksburg Victory, Major General, Regular Army. Buttons in groups of 3.

Three Stars on his shoulders, March 9, 1863, Lieutenant General all Union Armies. Buttons in groups of 3.

Four Stars on his shoulders, July, 1866, General of all the Armies. Buttons in groups of 4.

From Men of our Day

Illustration from Men of Our Day, by L. P. Brockett, 1872