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The Week of November 20th, 1915

British Soldier riding capture German camels

The Great War enters its 69th week. In Iraq, British forces, after suffering heavy losses in their victory at Ctesiphon, begin to withdraw just 20 miles short of their goal of Baghdad. The Turkish commander, General Nur-ud-Din, plans to take the offensive against the retreating British army (Almanac of World War I). Follow the events of "war to end wars" as it unfolds in the Illustrated London News for the week of November 20th, 1915.

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Coffee beansBest Part of Waking Up
The world buzzed this week as a new report offered evidence that drinking at least one cup of coffee a day lowered a person’s risk for heart disease, diabetes, neurological diseases and suicide. Coffee is the most traded primary commodity after crude oil. The US accounts for about 18% of global consumption.

Romanitcized painting of the first ThanksgivingThanksgiving
On Thursday
, Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday with origins dating back to 1621, but which has only been celebrated in its current form since the FDR administration. American Thanksgiving has been celebrated in October and July, as well as the first, last, penultimate and fourth Thursdays of November.

Photograph of the head of a falconStarlings feed in the countryside, but every night are drawn to the city’s lights when looking for a place to roost. In an effort to combat nuisance-level starling guano in Rome, the Eternal City has imported falcons from the US to help regulate the migratory bird population.