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The Zulu War in South Africa : Cetewayo, the Zulu King. Drawn from the life in June, 1877, by the late Mr. Edward Tilt, during his visit to Zulu-Land.
The Illustrated London News

In the days before electronic media and popular travel, The Illustrated London News offered a view of the world that most of its readers could only otherwise imagine for themselves. With its debut in 1842, The Illustrated London News became the world's first fully illustrated weekly newspaper, marking a revolution in journalism and news reporting. It presented a vivid picture of British and world events - including news of war, disaster, ceremonies, the arts and science - with coverage ranging from the Great Fire of Hamburg to Queen Victoria's fancy dress ball at Buckingham Palace, both featured in the first issue. The popularity of the publication attracted artists, engravers and writers from George Gilbert to Ebenezer Landells, Robert Louis Stevenson and G.K. Chesterton. Trial expires November 28th.

Dr. Tom Zelman Reads What?

This month, as part of our Faculty Read What? series, we present the list of another heavy-hitter from the School of Arts and Letters. Dr. Tom Zelman is a professor of English at the College.





Dr. Zelman's favorite or most influential books:








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