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Parsley worm

In his book, The Land Was Everything: Letters to an American Farmer, Victor Davis Hanson, author and fifth generation grape farmer, explains why farmers use pesticides - "because they kill things." And as every back yard vegetable gardener knows, summer is nothing more than an all out war between you and that which would eat the food than belongs to you and yours.

Let the Library help you out this summer with a new edition to Credo Reference - the 2nd edition of Garden Insects of North America. Arranged by such handy chapters as -

  • Insects that chew on leaves and needles
  • Insects and mites that suck fluids from leaves and needles
  • Insects associated with stems, twigs, shoots, and canes
  • Insects associated with large branches and trunks of trees and shrubs
  • Insects and other invertebrates associated with roots, tubers, soil ...
  • Insects and mites associated with flowers, fruits, nuts, and seeds
  • Natural enemies of insects and pollinators: The "beneficial bugs." 

Now you won't need to go into despair when you find the leaves of your cabbage looking like Swiss cheese. With this great guide you'll soon know what is eating what and you'll be on your way to "terminate with extreme prejudice" all the while humming that old Tom Waits tune ...

Photo from Credo: A parsley worm coming for your garnish.



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