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Washington  during Winter Storm JonasWinter Storm Jonas
Winter Storm Jonas dropped more than a foot of snow in fourteen states last weekend, causing 48 fatalities and over a quarter of a million people to lose power. The actual snowfall for Washington DC is not known, as the device used to measure snowfall (a plywood board painted white) was lost in the snow. 

Mosquito biting humanZika Virus
The World Health Organization announced that the mosquito-borne Zika virus is making its way through North and South America and may soon impact every country except Chile and Canada. The Zika Virus has been linked to infant birth defects such as microcephaly in Brazil. At this time there are no vaccines or drugs to prevent or treat the virus. 

Steven Avery
Over the holidays, the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer dominated conversations as many debated Steven Avery's innocence, as well as the fairness of the criminal justice system. Making a Murderer asks if local police planted evidence to frame Avery for murder after he sued them for wrongful conviction in a previous case. 


Black History Month

We recently came across this photograph of the black scholar and activist, W.E.B. Du Bois, in the New York Public Library's Digital Collection--one of our favorite tools for locating public domain images which can be used without restrictions or permission.

The writings of Du Bois, who once came to Duluth in 1921 to address the city's local chapter of the NAACP, are well-represented in our catalog, as are biographical works about the author.

In honor of Du Bois (who was born in February of 1868) and Black History Month (which has been celebrated each February since 1976), we would like to share some of the Library's most recent acquisitions on black history, literature and the arts.







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