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The Week of October 2nd, 1915

The Great War enters its 62nd week. Despite expending 4,967,000 artillery shells the Allied offensive stalls at Champagne, Artois, and Loos. The French suffer 191,797 casualties; the Germans, 121,000 casualties; the British, 61,713, including 16,000 dead. To the east, Germany and Austria invade Serbia. Follow the events of "war to end wars" as it unfolds in the Illustrated London News  for the week of October 2nd, 1915.

Angela Hewitt Recital

Photo courtesy of Richard Termine.

On October 20, the Library and Music Department are co-sponsoring a recital by the Canadian pianist, Angela Hewitt.

Hewitt, who has been described by the Sunday (London) Times as "the outstanding Bach pianist of her generation," will play Bach's late masterpiece, The Art of the Fugue. Hewitt's 2014 recording of this work marked the completion of her project to record all of Bach's solo keyboard works.

The Library's involvement with this recital came about through a research project on the Dutch-Italian pianist, Jan Chiapusso, who played and taught at The College of St. Scholastica during the early 1930s. In their research, librarians Brad Snelling and Heidi Johnson have discovered that Chiapusso had been an important mentor to Rosalyn Tureck, who was a chief figure in popularizing the performance of Bach on the piano. In 1960, the New York Times critic, Harold Schonberg, would call Tureck the "high priestess of Bach," a moniker with which she was associated for the rest of her career.  The great Canadian pianist, Glenn Gould, regarded Tureck as an influence, and our guest, Angela Hewitt, is often mentioned as a successor to Tureck.

Angela Hewitt's October 20 recital is at 7:30 p.m. in Mitchell Auditorium. (General admission: $15; Students: $5; CSS students/Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery: Free).

Brad and Heidi's archival exhibit on Chiapusso will be in the Mitchell foyer on the night of the recital. They will also be presenting their research on Chiapusso at the October 16 SAL Colloquium.


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