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Getting Started With Research Resources: Home

Information on how to find resources for research, evaluate, and ethically cite them, as well as writing and citation help.

Getting Started

Distance Students

How can this LibGuide help me?

This LibGuide contains links and lots of information and support all to help you find the resources you need for your research needs.

There are four types of resources highlighted in the tabs at the top including:

  1. Reference Materials - Includes encyclopedias, which are a great place to start for background and statistical information
  2. Books and eBooks - Breadth and depth of information
  3. Articles - Primary research and more current information
  4. Web Sites - Alternative search engines and information from government agencies and associations

Saint Jerome, Patron Saint of Libraries from CSS Friends Charter

There are also tabs for help on how to evaluate and ethically cite your sources, use the Turnitin and EndNote programs, and writing help.

So explore all the tabs and links as they are designed to help make the process of finding resources easier and hopefully more enjoyable for you. Good luck and may Saint Jerome, the patron Saint of libraries, be your guide.

Saint Jerome, the patron Saint of libraries, from the CSS Library Friends Charter, painted by Meridith Schifsky


Library Pictures - Past and Present

1909 First CSS Library

First CSS Library


1938 Chapel and Library Construction

Chapel/Library Construction


1940s Aerial View of Campus

Aerial View of Campus


1944 Main Entrance to Library

Main Entrance to Library


1946 Students Studying in Library

Students Studying in Library


1947 Library



1955 Library Mural

Library Mural


1966 Library Expanded

Library Expanded


1985-86 Renovation



1992 Students Studying in Library

Students Studying in Library


1995 Students in Library

Students in Library


2013 Reading Room in Library

Reading Room


2013 Third Floor of Library

Third Floor of Library


2016 Aerial View of Campus

Aerial View of Campus


Library Hours During the School Year

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