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Citation Help for MLA, 9th Edition: Social Media

Month Abbreviations

According to p. 295 of the MLA Handbook 9th ed. Spell out months in the body of your paper and abbreviate as follows in your works cited list:

January = Jan.
February = Feb.
March = Mar.
April = Apr.
May = May
June = June
July = July
August = Aug.
September = Sept.
October = Oct.
November = Nov.
December = Dec.


Purrsia Tweet [@purrsiankitty]. "We are low on cat food and kitty litter." Twitter, 28 June 2022,

Puursia [@purrsiankitty]. "We are low on cat food and kitty litter." TikTok, 2022,

Kitty, Puursia. Cover of Persian Cat and the Kittens, by Thomas Sneed. Pinterest, 2022,

Kitty, Puursia. [@purrsiankitty]. Photo of Persian Cat and the Kittens. Instagram, 28 June 2022,

Kitty, Puursia. "We are low on cat food and kitty litter." The Cat Digest, 28 June 2022,


Author: Purrsia Tweet. or Puursia. or Kitty, Puursia.
Provide the name of the author however it is given in the social media format. If it is a person, list the last name with a comma and then the first name. Finish with a period.

Hashtag: [@purrsiankitty].
If the format has a hashtag, put it in brackets followed with a period outside the bracket.

Message: "We are low on cat food and kitty litter." or Cover of Persian Cat and the Kittens, by Thomas Sneed. or Photo of Persian Cat and the Kittens.
Restate the entire full text of the message or video or post and enclose it in quotations marks or put in Italics based on the format. End with a period.

Format: Twitter, or TikTok, or Pinterest, or Instagram, 
Give the name of the social media platform in Italics followed by a comma.

Date: 28 June 2022, or 2022 
Give the most precise date possible using the appropriate abbreviation for the month. End with a comma.

Website address:
Give the website address for the tweet, video, or post and end citation with a period.