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Citation Help for MLA, 9th Edition: Book Review

Month Abbreviations

According to p. 295 of the MLA Handbook 9th ed. Spell out months in the body of your paper and abbreviate as follows in your works cited list:

January = Jan.
February = Feb.
March = Mar.
April = Apr.
May = May
June = June
July = July
August = Aug.
September = Sept.
October = Oct.
November = Nov.
December = Dec.

Multiple Authors?

McGill, Ivan, John Kurt Glenn, and Alice 
Brockbank. The Action Learning Handbook: Powerful Techniques for Education. Rutledge Falmer, 2014.

List the first author last name first followed by the first and middle names followed by a comma. All other authors are listed first name followed by the last name. Insert the word "and" and a comma before the last author.

Note: If there are more than three authors, just list the first one followed by et al., which is Latin for and others. There is a period after al but not et. Example: Nelson, Karl, et al. Fish Is for Everyone. Penguin Press, 2016. 


Bell, Madison Smartt. "Are You My Mother?" Review of Let the Northern Lights Erase Your

, by Vendela Vida. The New York Times Book Review, 31 Dec. 2021, p. 10. Academic Search Premier.


Author of the review: Bell, Madison Smartt.
Last name first, then first and middle names. Avoid initials if possible. End with a period.

Title & subtitle of the review: "Are You My Mother?"
The title & subtitle are separated by a colon. Capitalize the first and last words of the title and subtitle, and all proper nouns and important words. Place review title & subtitle in quotations.

Title & subtitle of the book being reviewed: Review of Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name,
Proceed title with the words Review of and follow rules of capitalization stated above. Italicize title. Separate from author with a comma.

Author of book: by Vendela Vida.
Precede name with the word 'by,' then first name and last. End with a period.

Title & subtitle of the periodical the review appears in: The New York Times Book Review,
Italicize. Follow rules of capitalization listed above and end with a comma.

Date of publication: 31 Dec. 2021,
If weekly, day of month followed by abbreviation of month. Year is followed by a comma to separate it from the page numbers.

Page numbers: p. 10.
If page numbers of article run consecutively, separate beginning and ending page numbers with a hyphen. Precede with pp. if more than one page or p. if it is only one page. If the pages do not run consecutively, then indicate beginning page of the article followed by a + sign.

If found online in a Library database include:

Database name: Academic Search Premier.
Give the name of the database in italics where you found the article if you found it online. End the citation with a period.