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The favorite & most influential books of some your favorite & most influential faculty!

Ms. Dugan reads what?

Our Faculty Read What? series returns for December. This month we feature Ms. Anne Dugan, an art historian and adjunct instructor in our Art Department where she teaches modern art history. Ms. Dugan is a former director of the Duluth Art Institute, and the coordinator for the annual Free Range Film Festival near Wrenshall. (Yes, the one with screenings in the barn!)










Dust jack of book "Lab Girl."What are you reading now? 
I’m in the middle of Lab Girl by Hope Jahren. My mom was a scientist and I remember playing in her lab on snow days or sick days. Jarhen’s descriptions of biological phenomena intermixed with her larger autobiography is really well done and I feel like a little girl again, fooling around with beakers and latex gloves…


A cover of The New Yorker magazineDesert Island Pick - if you were marrooned on a desert isle and only had one book to read, what would it be? My New Yorker subscription – I’ll need some dark short fiction to feel better about my predicament…


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