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Education: 2. Books & eBooks

Resources to support students, faculty, and research in the Education Department both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

2nd Floor Stacks and Stained Glass

Stained glass shining on  second floor of the library

Light from Our Lady Queen of Peace window cast  on the second floor carpet.

Books and eBooks

We can borrow print books for you from other libraries through our InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service. eBook lending is not possible due to publisher's restrictions, but the library world has negotiated the ability for you to request a chapter from an eBook.

MnPALs has ILL integrated into the system making it easy to borrow a book from another library with just a few clicks.

WorldCAT allows you to search for library books nationally. You will need to manually create an ILL request. Follow the link.

Citing Books