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Education: Data Analysis

Resources to support students, faculty, and research in the Education Department both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Articles for Data Analysis

The purpose of academic journal articles is to present the findings of primary research. Therefore it is difficult to find articles that offer practical strategies. That said, linked below are a few recent full-text articles from peer reviewed journals that provide some guidance.

in addition, any articles you are already reading on your topic will explain their methodology for data collection and coding. In the discussion section, they will also explain their analysis and results.

Read those sections to learn from them how you can also analyze your data and write those sections of your paper as well.

Please note: These citations are not perfect due to limitations with the web site.

eBooks on Research Methods

Books give a comprehensive approach to a specific topic. All these eBooks are full-text online with their tables of contents listed, and just reading a chapter on a more narrow aspect can be very helpful.