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Education: Writing/Study Help

Resources to support students, faculty, and research in the Education Department both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Study Resources


EndNote is software that can organize, store, and input citations into Word documents to help you with your research. The College of St. Scholastica has a site license which offers two options for you to access Endnote and you can either pick one or use both as the situation warrants.

EndNote has its own YouTube channel to learn more advanced features of this incredibly powerful program:

1. EndNote Download
To download EndNote, click on the link to the Google doc below for instructions
2. EndNote Online

Writing Process

Step 1 - Decide on a topic
Resources to help you: 
Current events

Issues and interests in your life

Step 2 - Define your topic
Narrow your topic and break apart its terms, discern what the subject headings are for your topic, combine your terms with Boolean logic (and, or, not)
Resources to help you: 


Step 3 - Research your topic
Resources to help you: 
Getting Started LibGuide
Reference Books
Books & eBooks

Your textbook

Step 4 - Organize your topic into subtopics, create an outline
Resources to help you: 

Outline Worksheet (Google doc)

Step 5 - Set up your paper in APA 7th style or MLA 8th style
Resources to help you: 
Formatting your Paper in APA 7th

Formatting your Paper in MLA 9th

Step 6 - Evaluate your resources and select which ones you will use in your paper
Resources to help you: 
How to evaluate resources 
Evaluation of Sources Worksheet (Google doc)

Step 7 - Ethically incorporate your resources into your paper - in-text or parenthetical citations
Resources to help you: 

How to avoid plagiarism 
Look at the articles and your textbook for examples for how they used resources in their writing

Step 8 - Create your References List
Resources to help you: 
CSS Library's APA 7th LibGuide
CSS Library's MLA 9th LibGuide

Literature Review Support

Writing Help

The Rose Warner Writing and Critical Thinking Center

Our writing center is where all students can receive free, collaborative feedback on all forms of writing. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will help everyone to brainstorm, interpret, review and proof their projects.

Students may use the writing center as often as they like to obtain help on papers, resumes, earning scholarships or getting into graduate school. Students who use the Center become better writers and critical thinkers.

More Writing Resources