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Citation Help for MLA, 8th Edition: Film

An introduction to MLA Style.


Suspicion. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, performances by Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine, Turner, 1941.


Title of the film: Suspicion.
In Italics followed by a period.

Name of director: Directed by Alfred Hitchcock,
Precede the name of the director by the words Directed by and follow with a comma. The name will be listed first name and then last name.

Names of major performers in film: performances by Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine,
List the names of a couple of major actors/actresses in the movie if relevant preceded by performances by and followed by a comma.

Name of the distributor: Turner,
Give the name of the company that released the movie such as Paramount Pictures, Lucas Films, Walt Disney, etc. followed by a comma.

Date of the original release of the film: 1941.
Give the year of when the movie was originally released followed by a period.

Hint: To find out some of this information on your movie, consult The Internet Movie Database

[The above information is based on Purdue OWL]