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NSG 4447 - Transcultural Nursing: Alaska Experience: Library Resources for Research

A course guide to help you complete research and assignments in this course.

Search for Articles

Evidence-Based Medicine Databases

Use these databases to locate evidence-based medicine articles for your public health assignment. Use them also for finding other types of articles about nursing!


Other Health Related Databases

Here are a few other health related databases. It will be more difficult to located evidence-based medicine articles, but all of these are worth exploring depending on your topic. 


General Databases

These general databases are great for finding articles on a variety of topics including those in nursing.


Other Databases

The CSS Library has a number of other databases available for the CSS community. Click on the link to the Databases, A to Z to see the master list of databases. Once on this page, you can limit by database subject, database type, vendor, and more. 

Research Tools & Tutorials

Assignment Specific Tutorials

Use these tutorials to help you complete your assignments within this course.


General Resources & Library Tutorials

Here are general resources and tutorials to assist you with your research. 


General Video Library Tutorials

Video tutorials to assist you with general research in the CSS Library.


Additional Video Tutorial Resources

Additional video tutorial resources from other libraries that you may find helpful.