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NSG 4447 - Transcultural Nursing: Alaska Experience: Unit Resources

A course guide to help you complete research and assignments in this course.

Where to Begin

Light Bulb Welcome to the "Unit Resources" page! The resources listed on this page will help you with completing your assignments for NSG 4447. 

Be sure to visit the "Library Resources for Research" tab for databases and other resources to help you complete your research as well as additional resources such as tutorials (both print and video) to help you. Finally, please contact Julie Rustad or the Library if you have questions!

Native American Resources

Visit the Native American Resource LibGuide.

Research Tools/Demographic Information

Unit One: Culturally Congruent Nursing

Topic: Alaska Geography

Review website:

Topic: Alaskan Cultures

Listen to the Common Knowledge: Audio Narrative Profiles:


Review the following websites:

Dena'Ina Culture (Kenai, AK)
Seldovia Culture
Russian Old Believers 


Watch Video: Alaskan Old Believers 
Created by: bezmolvie
License: Standard YouTube
Length: 5:06 mins


Watch Video: Nanwalek Alaska, Russian New Year Celebration
Created by: ExploringAlaskaNow
‚ÄčLicense: Standard YouTube
Length: 7:27 mins.

Map of Alaska

Map of Alaska

Map of Alaska 

Image in the Public Domain.

Unit Two: Public Health Nursing In Alaska

Topic: Public Health

Read report and watch videos.


Watch Video: South Central Alaska Public Health Nurse Recruitment
Created by: alaskadhss
License: Standard YouTube
Length: 6:14 mins


Watch Video: Southeast Alaska Public Health Nurse Recruitment
Created by: alaskadhss
License: Standard YouTube
Length: 7:08 mins


Watch Video: Public Health Nurse Recruitment Video - Bethel, Alaska
Created by: alaskadhss
License: Standard YouTube
Length: 10:00 mins


Watch Video: 2015 ANTHC Year in Review: Healthy People, Healthy Communities across Alaska
Created by: Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
License: Standard YouTube
Length: 7:54 mins


Technology used to improve healthcare access in remote locations:

Watch: Vidyo for Rural Medicine: Enhancing Alaska's Statewide Medical Communications
Created by: Vidyo
License: Standard YouTube 
Length: 3:21 mins

Inupiat Family

Inupiat family from Noatak, Alaska

An Inupiat family from Noatak, Alaska, 1929.

Author: Edward S. Curtis

Image in the Public Domain.

Unit Three: Disaster Preparedness in Alaska: What to Know Before We Go...

Topic: Disaster Management Services

Review video to learn about disaster management services:


Watch Video: The Essential Emergency Manager
Created by: Black Swan Emergency Manager
License: Standard YouTube
Length: 4:54 mins

Topic: Volcano Emergency Preparedness

Review websites to learn about volcano preparedness:

Topic: Earthquake Preparedness

Review resources to learn about earthquake preparedness:


Watch video: 1964 Quake: The Great Alaska Earthquake
Created by: USGS
License: CC BY
Length: 11:37 mins


Watch Video: Alaskan Earthquake: 7.0 Magnitude Quake. Tsunami Warning in Anchorage
Created by: ABC News
License: Standard YouTube
Length: 30:34 mins. 

Topic: Tsunami Emergency Preparedness

Review resources to learn about tsunami preparedness:

Topic: Nuclear Missile Threat

Review resource to learn about preparing for nuclear missile threat. 

Climate Control

Topic: Climate Control

News and reports

Review news and reports for more information.



Websites for more information.