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Citation help for Council of Science Editors, 8th edition: Newspapers articles

A brief introduction to basic citation formats in CSE, 8th edition.

Newspaper articles - Name-Year System

Newspaper articles (Section and Section

Basic Format – Author last name First initial. Year Day. Title of entry. Publisher. Section:page (column).

Examples and variations:

Cook S. 2015 Jul 12. Goeman talks about his long career in fisheries with the DNR. Duluth News Tribune (Home Ed.). Sect. B:9 (col. 1).

     In text example: Management goals help shape fishing regulations in Minnesota (Cook 2015).

Variation - Online
Kaczke L. 2015. This isn’t your typical outing to the pool – groups visit frogs and their habitats during Hartley Park workshop. Duluth NewsTribune (Final edition). [accessed 2015 Jul 22]; Apr 19;Sect. D1.

     In text example: Vernal pools are an important breeding area for local amphibians, especially frogs (Kaczke 2015).