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Citation help for Council of Science Editors, 8th edition: Webpages

A brief introduction to basic citation formats in CSE, 8th edition.

Webpage - Name-Year System

Webpages (Section

Basic Format for a clear author – Author last name First Initial. Year. Title of post (if a blog). Title of homepage. [access date]. Website address.

Basic Format for no clear author – Title of homepage. Year. Edition. Place of publication: Publisher of page; [date updated; access date]. Website address.

Note: Date of publication may be difficult to determine so you may need to use the “c” to indicate the date of copyright, and there may not be an updated date.

Note:  Many websites have a corporate author, meaning that an organization is the author, not an individual. In the example below, an unnamed person at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology created the webpage. The text citation uses the first few words of the homepage title.

Note: A period is required at the end of the URL.


Clear author

Coatti A. 2019. The debate on regulation of heritable genome editing. Royal Society of Biology Blog. [accessed 2020  Jan 5].

No clear author

All about birds: turkey vulture. c2015. Ithaca (NY): Cornell Lab of Ornithology; [accessed 2015 Jun 29].

      In text example: Turkey vultures glide wobbly on thermals (All about…c2015).