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Citation help for Council of Science Editors, 8th edition: Books, ebooks, & encyclopedias

A brief introduction to basic citation formats in CSE, 8th edition.

Books & ebooks - Name-Year System

Books (from Section

Basic Format – Author last name First initial. Year. Title of book. Edition. City of publication (State): Publisher.

Examples and Variations:

Book with single author (and multiple editions; from Section

Petrides GA. 1972. A field guide to trees and shrubs: northeastern and north-central United States and southeastern and south-central Canada. 2nd ed. Boston (MA): Houghton Mifflin.

      In text example: Red pine (Pinus resinosa) is a prominent pine found throughout Minnesota (Petrides 1972).

Variation - Book with multiple authors

Anderson C, Fischer A. 2015. North Shore: a natural history of Minnesota's Superior coast. Minneapolis (MN): University of Minnesota Press.

     In text example: Anderson and Fischer (2015) indicate hay pickers and grass gatherers were important historical lakeshore users.

Variation - Book with an organization, company, or government agency, etc., as author

[AMN] Audubon Minnesota. 2007. The North Shore birding trail: a guide to birding Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior from Duluth to Grand Portage. St. Paul (MN): Audubon Minnesota.

     In text example: The Minnesota Audubon Society supports birding throughout the Arrowhead region (AMN 2007).

Variation - Book with editors (from Section

Jahren H, editor. 2017. The best American science and nature writing. Boston (MA): Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

     In text example: Jahren (2017) has edited a fine volume of great science and nature pieces from 2016’s American periodicals. 

Variation - Book chapter

Van Vleck LD. 1990. Color inheritance, parentage testing, genetic lethals. In: Evans JW, Borton A, Hintz HF, Van Vleck LD, editors. The horse. 2nd ed. New York (NY): WH Freeman. p. 472-536.

     In text example: Van Vleck (1990) discusses genetic testing and coloration in horses.

Variation - Ebook*

Beedy EC, Hansen K, Pandolfino ER. 2013. Birds of the Sierra Nevada: their natural history, status, and distribution. Berkerley (CA): University of California Press. [Accessed 2015 Jul 22].‚Äč

     In text example: Grasslands of the Sierra Nevada Range offer important habitat for many breeding birds (Beedy et al. 2013).

*Note: More than likely you are using and ebook from one of our Ebsco databases, so don’t use the URL in the toolbar at the top of the screen. That is a temporary URL that only exists while you are in the database. In the book's record, look in the right-hand column for the permalink (or PURL). When you click on it a box will appear in the upper center of the screen with a URL inside. Use that one for your citation. In many ways the URL is a moot part of a citation since only readers with paid access to the ebook source can see the content.

Encyclopedia article (Section

Basic Format – Author last name First initial. Date. Title of entry. In: Title of encyclopedia. City of publication (State): Publisher. Volume, pages. [access date]. Web address.

Examples and variations:


Woodward SL, Quinn JA. 2011. Emerald ash borer. In: Encyclopedia of invasive species: from Africanized honey bees to zebra mussels. Santa Barbara (CA): Greenwood. Vol. 1, p. 127-131.

      In text example: The emerald ash borer spread throughout North America after its introduction (Woodward and Quinn 2011).


EBook encyclopedia with no page numbers

Guyer S. 2011. Climate change. In: Encyclopedia of the U.S. government and the environment: history, policy, and politics. Santa
Barbara (CA): ABC-CLIO. [11 paragraphs]. [accessed 2019 Sep 13].

Note: For extended works it is permissible to do a good-faith estimation of the length of the article – [about 400 paragraphs].


EBook encyclopedia with page numbers

Hyder JP. 2011. Farm-to-table movement. In: Food in context. Detroit (MI): Gale. Volume 1, p. 275-278. [accessed 2019 Sep 13].