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Nursing Research Resources: Evidence-Based Practice

Explains research resources for all students in the nursing program

Brief Evidence-Based Practice Overview

Johns Hopkins Levels of Evidence

PICO(T) Format

Population of interest

Intervention(s) of interest

Comparison of interventions, populations, diagnoses, etc.

Outcomes of interest


Links to Resources

Citation Help for Sources

Cochrane Review
Look at "This record should be cited as:" right above the abstract for guidance.  Example: 

Smith, C. A., & Hay, P. (2017). Acupuncture for depression. Cochrane Database of 

   Systematic Reviews, 2017
(3). doi:10.1002/14651858.CD004046.pub2.

Journal Article Full Text from Database (CINAHL and others)  Example:

Brunero, S., Cowan, D., & Fairbrother, G. (2017). Reducing emotional distress in

     nurses using cognitive behavioral therapy: A preliminary program evaluation. 

     Journal of Nursing Science, 5(2), 109-115. doi:10.4556/486218358.WR156

Web Site Example:

Oncology Nursing Society. (2017). Early detection key to survival. Retrieved