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Library Resources for your Brightspace Classroom: Credo

A smorgasbord of tasty items you can add to your Brightspace classroom to put the Library and all its great resources at the fingertips of your students.


Credo is full-text database of over 1,000 reference books, + images & video. It also offers a mini-discovery service (think SOLAR) that links out of the initial search results in Credo to our article databases. A great starter widget for first-year students to get them into the Library.

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Embed articles from Credo

You can easily embed articles from Credo, keeping the same format as they appear in Credo and add visual appeal to your class.]

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Credo - Use the Image Search

19th century lithograph of Raven

Le Corbeau (The Raven). Lithograph, 1875.

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Let Credo carry the load

Librarians at Credo Reference have created curated content guides from resources available in Credo. Since they created these in Ligguides, we can slide their content into our content into your content. Use the following link to browse what Credo can offer.