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Use this guide for access to library resources for your research in history & politics science.

Reference, to "refer to"

Diego Rivera's mural of Tenochtitlan

Tenochtitlan, mural by Diego Rivera (1945). The largest and most beautiful city of the 16th century. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

For the student and scholar, reference can have two meaning. One, a source that you can refer to for answers, and also the source, or reference, that accompanies a book or article. A good encyclopedia article gives you the best of both. Try starting your research with Credo Reference.

The Library has a deep collection of subject-specific encyclopedias for you to launch your research with. Start with thinking about thinking about history with the 6 volume New Dictionary of the History of Ideas. Find out how women navigated the medieval world in Women and Gender in Medieval Europe: An Encyclopedia. Understand what made people leave the only home they had known and take ship to America with the Atlas of the Great Irish Famine. Get context for the history that is happening right now with Jim Crow: A Historical Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic and Black Power Encyclopedia: From "Black is Beautiful" to Urban Uprisings.

Browse here for more history encyclopedias.

Remember to check the bibliography at the end of an article - a basic trick to build your own bibliography for your paper. Browse the master list of print & electronic encyclopedias available to you as a student for more great sources for your other classes

Journal articles on history & politics

Books and e-books for history

The Venerable Bede

Manuscript image of the Venerable Bede

Portrait of Saint Bede the Venerable, from De Temporibus by Saint Bede the Venerable. English manuscript image from circa 12th-13th Century. A Benedictine monk, Bede is called the Father of English History. Image from Credo Reference.

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