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Biology: Search by Journal

Library resources to help with biology research.

Searching by journal title in SOLAR

Screen Shot of Solar database searching by journal

Searching for articles on your topic from a specific journal is easy if you follow these simple steps

a). Login to SOLAR. Since SOLAR searches all our databases, you don't have to worry about determining which database indexes the journal you are interested in.

b). Once you are in SOLAR, toggle from the basic search screen to the advanced search screen.

c).  In the first search box, enter the name of your journal in quotes. This forces a phrase search, meaning the words you enter must appear in the exact order you type them in. If your journal title starts with "the," just leave it out.

d). The box to the immediate right is the search field box. It is defaulted to "Select a Field (optional)". Use the drop down menu to change the default to "SO Journal Title/Source.'

e). In the second search box, enter a topic, in this case the Australian Shepherd, the descendants of the mythical "little blue dog" of legend and the only native United States breed that can give the Border Collie and the Jack Russell Terrier a run for the money as the smartest dog on the block.

Notice there are two search tricks used here. Because our topic is a two-word name, it was put in quotes again to force a phrase search. Second, because we don't know if the and article is about one dog, or many dogs, we added an asterisk (*) to shepherd. This truncates the search and returns results in one search for "Australian Shepherd" or "Australian Shepherds." 

If your topic is the wolverine (and we're not talking Hugh Jackman, here) then search for articles with this term - wolverine*

f). Now all you need to do is hit the search button and you're good to go!