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About The College of St. Scholastica Library: Library Policies

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Borrowers assume total liability for items checked out from the St. Scholastica Library or borrowed through Interlibrary Loan. This includes responsibility for payment for lost or damaged items. Borrowers are responsible for making sure that items are properly returned for discharge from the Library's circulation system. The responsibility and liability remain with the borrower until the item is properly checked in.  Note: The Library Reserves the right to recall any materials after 3 weeks.

Check Out Privileges

For Books
   Undergraduate students  - four weeks
   Graduate students - one semester
   Staff - one semester
   Adjunct professors - one semester
   Professors - until June 1

Most items will automatically renew as long as they are not needed by another patron. Items not eligible for automatic renewal are Interlibrary Loans, Course Reserve Materials, and equipment. Patrons will receive a Circulation Summary on the 2nd of each month showing the items and due dates for their loans. Please respond to the email notice if you have any questions.

For Audio-Visual Materials
   Undergraduate students  - one week
   Graduate students - one week
   Staff - one week
   Adjunct professors - one week
   Professors - until June 1

Reserve Items
Must abide by reserve limits or by special loan. Most items are for 2-hour in-library use or for one or three days.

First Floor Periodicals
   Faculty - One week
   Undergraduates, graduates, and staff - Three days

Reference Books
   Special loans only

The CSS library is fine free. Most items automatically renew. Items that do not automatically renew may be renewed by calling the library, emailing, or responding to library email notices. 

When Three overdue notices are sent via email to the student's CSS email. Billing notices will be sent to the campus box or to a home address if campus is not open prior to billing at the Business Office. Students are responsible for responding to their email and maintaining a current address with the registrar.

 If materials have not been returned after the third notice is received, the student is billed for the accrued fines and replacement cost of the items plus a $15 processing fee per item.

 This amount is transferred to the student's account at the Business Office. If the lost items are returned within the academic year, the student's account will be credited with the replacement cost, but the $15 processing fee and fine remains.

Holds are placed on the student's records for transcripts, grades, and registration if books are overdue and remain until all fines and replacement charges are either paid or transferred to the Business Office.

Test taking privileges in the Library are for CSS students only. STUDENT TESTS IN THE LIBRARY ARE NOT PROCTORED.

Closed-book tests will be administered in the conference room ONLY. Students will be placed in the room with approved materials (pen, paper, calculator), only--please be sure to specify on your test instructions. 

     Tests may be administered by a library staff member (not student workers). 

     Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 p.m. [tests must end by 4:00].

     Saturday and Sunday - No tests administered.

Please do not pre-approve a time for an exam with your student unless you check with the Library first.

Only one student at one time may take a closed-book exam in the Library. The student is required to reserve a time by filling out the Schedule a test form on the library homepage. 

The Library also reserves the right to use the conference room for non-test purposes.

The Library staff is responsible solely for handing out the test (recording the time if needed) and collecting it afterward, not for anything else, e.g. determining if the student receives help. 

Library staff is not responsible for troubleshooting technical issues with online exams. If laptops crash and passwords do not work. The student will be asked to reschedule. 

The faculty must fill out the Exam Instructions Form. Faculty must bring paper tests to the Library in clearly marked envelopes with the student's name and the faculty member's name. The faculty must pick up completed tests.