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EDU 6740: Computer Science Methods & Capstone: Articles

A research guide to help you with your research for your course projects and your capstone.

Finding Full Text

If you cannot find the full text to the article you are looking for in the database you are searching, try looking in the A to Z: Find Online & Print Journals list. This site will search all of the CSS databases for full text and it checks to see what journals the CSS Library subscribes to.

Journals, A to Z - NOTE: be sure to search for the JOURNAL title NOT the article title!!

Instructions - Step-by-step instructions for using the A to Z list.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Email GraphicInterlibrary Loan (ILL) is a free service that allows you to request books, videos, and articles from other libraries.

How does it work?
Find the book, video or other article you want. Check to make sure the CSS Library does not have it or have online access to it. Then, fill out an online form. 

Article Databases - Education & Computer Science

Databases for the field of Education


Computer Science

Other Article Databases

Here are a variety of other databases that you may want to consider for your research:

General Databases


Specialized or Subject Databases

Many of your topics will overlap with other fields, which is why it is important to check the database in these fields. This will help you ensure that you are not missing any important information!



Research Tip

Light BulbTypes of Periodicals

Different types of periodicals have different types of information and are targeting different audiences.

What are the differences between the most commonly used the periodicals?

Academic (Scholarly) Journals

   Cover of Journal of Athletic Training

  • Written by scholars.                        
  • Few photographs or advertisements.
  • Authors are easily identifiable, credentials are given.
  • Does not attempt to entertain.


Cover of Home & Business





  • Written by journalists for general public.
  • Usually many photographs.
  • Authors may be hard to identify.
  • Attempts to entertain.

Want to learn more about different Types of Periodicals?

Internet Seach Engines

Light Bulb Image  Tired of using the same old search engines? 

Try using these other academic search engines. NOTE: these search engines will be available to you after you graduate!

 Academic Resources