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Use this guide for access to library resources for your research for Catholic Studies.

Reference, to "refer to"

 Painting of Notre Dame cathedral
View of Notre Dame from the Seine, by Henri Alphonse Barnoin, (1882-1935). Image from Credo Reference.

For the student and scholar, reference can have two meaning. One, a source that you can refer to for answers, and also the source, or reference, that accompanies a book or article. A good encyclopedia article gives you the best of both. Try starting your research with Credo Reference.

From the original print Catholic Encyclopedia published in 1911 to the electronic version of the 2nd edition of the New Catholic Encyclopedia, the Library offers you an ‘encyclopedic’ take on the history and world of Catholicism. Learn about the Church’s mission for justice with Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science, and Social Policy. Delve into a religious order with The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Jesuits. Find a favorite female author with Catholic Women Writers: A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook. Learn to interpret stained glass windows with Signs & Symbols in Christian Art. Or go deep into Papal trivia with The Death of Popes: Comprehensive Accounts, Including Funerals, Burial Places, and Epitaphs.

Browse encyclopedias on Catholicism.

Remember to check the bibliography at the end of an article - a basic trick to build your own bibliography for your paper. Browse the master list of print & electronic encyclopedias available to you as a student for more great sources for your other classes.

Journal & magazine articles for Catholic Studies

Books and e-books for Catholic Studies

The Catholic perspective

The Catholic Worker Movement

Photograph of Dorothy Day
Photograph of Dorothy Day, from Credo Reference.

Journalist & social activist, Day (1897-1980) helped found the the Catholic Worker Movement, which called on the Catholic Church to remember its mission to serve the poor.

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