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Students in the course Environmental Politics (GCL/POL 4402/SUS 4777) during Spring 2021 created "story maps" using the Story Map JS platform hosted by the Knight Lab at Northwestern University:

Regional Watershed Story Maps

The purpose of this project was to explore the many different ways we can narrate the biography of a particular body of water, however small. The following story maps focus on individual streams, creeks, or rivers, and tell their stories through history, politics, ecology, and urban planning. We see images of recreation, of toxicity, of segregation and zoning. The projects document non-native species, erosion, logging, mining, green space, and regional culture. We hope that compiling each of these individual projects into this collective format will help paint a broader picture of the many different stories hidden in each stream, and how each of these stories forms a stitch in the broader patchwork of our regional watershed.

Tischer Creek cascading toward Lake Superior in Congdon Park, Duluth (Photo: T. Lorek)


Industrial Legacies

Regional Rivers

Urban Development and the Built Environment


Tim Lorek

Assistant Professor of History and Politics