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Friends of The College of St. Scholastica Library: Our charter friends

Information regarding The College of St. Scholastica Library Friends community including contribution levels, benefits, newsletters, current friends, and how to join.

The Charter of The College of St. Scholastica Library Friends

Image of The College of St. Scholastica Library Friends Charter


A special thanks to those who first answered the call to be a Friend (though for many, they have been Friends in their hearts & actions for years).

Dr. Donald Bogue Ms. Diane M. Kauppi Ms. Cheri L. Nemie
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Fogarty Dr. Rachel A. Applegate Ms. Emily Wooster
Dr. Diane Kessler Mr. William Sessions Ms. Pam Christensen
Dr. Winnifred Winkelman Dr. & Mrs. James J. Monge Rachael Anne Cohen
Courtney Dilley Roxanne Backowski Ryan Thomas Velez-Crane
David R. Lewis Madonna LeBlanc Oscar James Velez-Crane
Elizabeth Simonson Julie Rustad Karen & Dr. Steve Ostovich
Dr. Marie Kelsey Tara Connolly Dr. Elizabeth Domholdt
Laura Hoelter Gary Christner Shirley Eichenwald Maki
Paula Byrne Dr. Paul Stein Julie Walkowiak
Sister Claudia Riehl Gail Olsen Mary E. Lee & Steve R. Lyons
Jennifer Walter Dr. Mary Tanner Frederick D. McDougall, Jr.
Dr. Brenda Fischer Mary Hagen Denis & Sylvia Johnson
Dana Moore Kevin & Paula McGrew Bret, Heidi, Per & Nissa Johnson
Dr. Darryl M. Dietrich Edwin & Nancy McGrew Ron & Sue Storbakken
George Beattie Dr. Mellissa Nelson & Mr. Jamie Nelson Alexis Roseth
Keith Haugen Brad Snelling & Leslie Dollen Lisa & Wade Roseth
Leslie & Brad Oachs Todd & Lila White Drs. George & Jane Killough
In Memory of Robert & Aletha Rosen Cullen, Flannery & Finnegan White In memory of Ida & Leonard Smedman
Barb Werner Drs. Larry & Anette Goodwin Beth Lavigne
Jennifer Rosato Anonymous Margot & Larry Zelenz
Meridith & Dr. John Schifsky Anonymous Tom Supinski
  The Sisters of the St. Scholastica Monastery