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Questionnaires, Instruments, & Measures - Oh, My!: Welcome

Use this guide for online & print resources in the CSS Library to help you design your research project.

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Yes, all of us, both students and librarians alike, are terrified of questionnaires, instruments, and measures! The only thing that strikes more fear in our hearts is the dreaded term "statistical methods." But like most things, when you get to know and understand them more, you realize the sum of your fears is worse than the actual parts of reality.

Conducting research is a bit like creating a work of art, or plumbing a house. You need the basic know-how, the right tools, and from time-to-time some expert guidance. This guide is designed to help you with the first two of three by by providing library resources that will -

  • give you the basic know-how, through academic encyclopedias and books
  • provide you with the right tools (surveys, questionnaires, etc). or with information on how to obtain proprietary measures (those that you need permission to use)

The third thing you need, the occasional expert guidance, is the realm of your professor. They are your go-to source for the how & why of research.

Please use my contact information in the right-hand column for questions about the materials listed in this guide.

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