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Avoiding Plagiarism: Help for Faculty

Tips for faculty and students about how to avoid plagiarism including information on Turnitin

Tips for Faculty

1. Have students sign an Honor Code at the beginning of the semester

2. Have students sign a pledge at the end of the assignment that this is their work "I declare on my honor that I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this..."

3. Explain what plagiarism means

4. Explain what is wrong about plagiarism

5. Make consequences clear

6. Start off with clear expectations for assigments, group work, resources, etc.

7. Show how to quote and paraphrase with examples

8. Show how to do in-text citations and bibliographies/works cited/references

9. Have students annotate bibliographies

10. Assign oral presentations

11. Have students hand in print outs of their sources

12. Assign a paragraph on the process they took for researching and writing the paper

13. Know what temptations are out there before you create an assignement and adjust accordingly such as having students write on a more recent or lesser known book or topic

14. Maintain your own database of papers by having students submit an electronic copy you can store on your computer

15. Require recent and printed sources

16. Do not allow students to change their topics at the last minute

Sites for Faculty