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Art at The College of St. Scholastica: Art Collection Initiative

Art Collection Initiative: Art in Tower Hall Overview

Thank you to our donors!

Image on door 1080 in Library

Give to CSS Day 2023 for $500

The funds from this Give to CSS Day will go directly to purchasing a piece from a local artist in the Duluth Superior area, with the intent of adding artwork to the college's collection, to further deepen representation of voices in our community.

Art and Music Stained Glass

The Pachel Foundation Grant 2022 for $3,100

Grant to purchase security slides and high hooks to ensure the artwork cannot be removed from the walls, clear acrylic signs with interchangeable inserts to provide easily changed information, customized braille signs, and reframing some artworks for preservation.


Logic and Philosophy Stained Glass

Give to CSS Day 2020 for $2,205

Funds to be used to care for the College's art collection with a special thanks to Pat Hagen and Tom Zelman for a $500 match. 

The History and Mission of the Art Collection Initiative

The College of St. Scholastica's Art Collection Initiative was founded in the Spring of 2020, with several aims and goals. Primarily, this initiative was borne out of the idea that as an educational instution with a deep heritage and lasting legacy, stewardship of art and artifacts held by the college is paramount. Further, the initiative is focused on fostering hospitality and respect through the analysis and care of existing works, and adding future works to the collection as vital component for reflecting our campus community at large.