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Communication & Theater Resources in the CSS Library: Welcome

Use this guide for access to library resources for your research in communications & theater.

Reference, to "refer to"

Poster of Paul Robeson's performance in Duluth

Paul Robeson - vocalist, actor, athlete, lawyer, & civil rights activist. When the world-renowned singer performed in Duluth in 1931 he was allowed a hotel room provided he used the freight elevator to enter the building.

For the student and scholar, reference can have two meaning. One, a source that you can refer to for answers, and also the source, or reference, that accompanies a book or article. A good encyclopedia article gives you the best of both. Try starting your research with Credo Reference.

For an overview and history of individual plays, past and present, check out the multi-volume series, Drama for Students. Or, if you like to go back to where it all began, the three volume Encyclopedia of Greek Tragedy. And what is modern communication but social media? Check out our collection of social media encyclopedias.

Browse theater encyclopedias.

Browse communication encyclopedias.

Remember to check the bibliography at the end of an article - a basic trick to build your own bibliography for your paper. Browse the master list of print & electronic encyclopedias available to you as a student for more great sources for your other classes.

Articles for Communication & Theater

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Streaming video collections

The Perils of Public Speaking

Lithograph illustrating the death of Demosthenes

"The Death of Demosthenes." Illustration from The Outline of History by H.G. Wells, Volume I, 1920. 

Demosthenes was  Greek rhetorician and orator who legend has practiced his craft with a pebble under his tongue as he taught himself to talk over the waves of the seashore. His dabbling in politics upon the death of Philip of Macedon led him to be executed by Philip’s son, who we know as Alexander the Great

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