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Renew Your Library Items: Home

Do you need to renew a book you borrowed from the Library?

Questions about Your Library Account

Questions about what is checked out to your library account? 

Contact Julie Rustad, Access Services Librarian

Phone: 218-723-6535


Or contact the Library at:

Phone: 218-723-6140


Reviewing What You Have Checked Out

Begin by visiting the CSS Library website.

Select ScholastiCAT in the “Welcome to the Library” box on the left side of the page. 

Locating ScholastiCAT in the Welcome to the Library box on the CSS Library homepage.

Next, click on "Sign In" in the right upper corner of the blue header. 

Locating the Sign In link within ScholastiCAT.


Please be aware that if you have not logged into my.CSS, you may be prompted for a username and password. Use your CSS login - the same username and password you use to access my.CSS, Brightspace, and your CSS email.

***NOTE: Use all small letters for your username when accessing your library account. If you have trouble logging in, please contact the Computer Helpdesk ( or 218-723-7007). 

The username and password prompts for the St. Scholastica community.


Next, you will see "Sign In" has been replaced with your name. This indicates you are logged into your library account. Click on the arrow next to your name to display a dropdown box.

Access your library account by clicking on your name in the upper right corner.


Click "My Loans" to open up your library account.

Locating My Loans to open up your library account


After clicking "My Loans," you should be brought to the page listing all the items checked out to you. To ensure the list is for current loans (and not historical or previous loans), make sure "Active Loans" is set.

Where to locate Loans and Active to see the current items checked out to your account.


Now, scroll through the list of items checked out to your account and click the check box before each item you want to renew. Then, click Renew.

Arrow pointing out the checkbox before an item and showing where to locate the Renew link to renew the book online.


If the item can be renewed, a pop-up box will appear with the new due date.

Confirmation message with new due date for renewals.


If the item cannot be renewed, you will be alerted with a message that the item is Not Renewable.

Arrows pointing out the Not Rewable message for items that cannot be renewed.


For more detailed information about your library account, see the tutorial "Locating, Accessing, & Using Your CSS Library Account".

Contact the library if you have already returned an item, have lost or damaged an item, or have any questions about your account.