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Log your volunteer hours to support your department and find out about new volunteer opportunities.


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At the Faculty/Staff Appreciation Luncheon, the department with the highest number of average volunteering hours will be recognized and receive a framed plaque. 

The average hours will be determined by adding up the total number of hours volunteered by that department and then divided by the number of people in that department to make it equitable. Hours will be accumulated from the day after the luncheon to one week before the next year's luncheon.

Purpose: To recognize faculty and staff at the department level who volunteer at the College for campus wide events such as Homecoming; student activities such as chaperoning dances and Community Day; or beautifying the campus through the gardens or clean up initiatives.

Goal: To increase participation and a spirit of volunteering to better exemplify our Benedictine values especially those of community, stewardship, and hospitality.

This award differs from other awards as volunteering for outside groups and events is honored with the Service to Community award, and the Service to College award recognizes an individual whereas this award recognizes a department.


Please use the form to the right to enter information on each event for which you volunteer. Eligible volunteer activities include the following stipulations:

  1. They must be for the College either directly benefitting the students, events, campus, etc. or supporting College- sponsored activities such as the Thanksgiving meal for the community.
  2. For the most part, they will take place at the College. Exceptions include such activities as volunteering for Community Day, Grandma's Marathon, State Fair, Thanksgiving meal, etc.
  3. Volunteering should not interfer with one's regular job duties for the College. Prior permission from one's supervisor is encouraged if it is during one's regular work hours.
  4. The Vivat Volunteer committee reserves the right to not count hours for any volunteering event it deems is not appropriate and/or in keeping with the College's values.

Who is in the lead?!?

**Note: These leaders are based on raw total of hours volunteered and have not been adjusted for the number of people in the departments.

September - Math and Physics
October - Information Technologies
November - College Advancement
December - CTA
January - CTA
February - ?
March - ?
April - ?
May - ?

‚ÄčPast Winners:
2014-15 - SCHAWB 
2015-16 - OneStop
2016-17 - CTA 
2017-18 - CTA
2018-19 - Chemistry & Physical Sciences

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Volunteer Opportunities

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Tell people about your event so they can volunteer! 

Heidi Johnson or call her at 218-723-6488 so she can post your event.