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About The College of St. Scholastica Library: Mission

Contact information, hours, mission, faculty & staff directory, directions to, and policies.

Mission Statement

The College of St. Scholastica Library is vital to scholarship and a sense of community for all students, faculty and staff. As both a physical and virtual space, it serves the Mission of the College by providing instruction, services, and access to resources that support the teaching mission of the College and foster independent intellectual inquiry. The Library supplements and enhances course-related instruction, providing a bridge to the kind of independent learning and critical thinking skills graduates will rely upon in their future personal and professional lives.

As a vital part of the academic community the College of St. Scholastica Library will play a central role in the realization of the College's vision. It will strive to preserve, disseminate and instruct in the retrieval and use of knowledge in order to provide faculty, staff and students with the framework to realize the College's and Library's missions.