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Incoming Students: relax

Shows lots of ways the Library is here to help students

Fun Interactive Web Site

Interactive Web Site Thumbnail Image

Designed and built during spring semester 2020 by Computer and Information Science students for their capstone course, this interactive web site offers embedded links throughout an image of the lounge on the second floor of Tower Hall.

These links will take you to sights and sounds on campus, images of art, historical photographs, and resources for relaxation and staying connected to our community.

Check it out!

Board Games

The Library has close to 30 different board games you can check out and take back to your dorm room including popular strategy games such as Puerto Rico and fun party games like Apples to Apples. Click here for more information.

Board Games

Gaming in Library

Relaxing Activities

We offer activities to help you relax and take a break from studying here in the Library during finals weeks and National Library Week.


Spirit, the Therapy Dog

Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi


Learning to Knit









Popular Reading

The Library has over 1,000 of the newest, hottest fiction and non-fiction books to read for fun. We also have some audio books on CD. Most academic libraries only have books you have to read, but your Library has books you want to read, too! Click here for more information.

Popular Reading