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HON 4885/HIS 3305 - The Holocaust in Comparative Perspective: Selected Websites

Use this guide for finding CSS Library resources for HON 4885/HIS 3305 - The Holocaust in Comparative Perspective.


Photo of American Holocaust survivor

"40th Anniversary Gathering, American Survivors of the Holocaust, Philadelphia." Photograph. Thomas Frederick Arndt, 1985. Image from Art Museum Image Gallery.

Websites on the Holocaust

One of the unspoken sub-texts of this guide has been "let others do the work for you!" It has come out most overtly in the push to use bibliographies to increase your resources, or put another way, "let an expert who has written on a topic provide you with a list of recommended books & articles."

When it came to creating a list of websites, I used the same philosophy. I knew that the professional publication for librarians, College and Research Libraries News, often publishes thematic lists of Internet resources to aid librarians. It seemed reasonable to me that there would be an article on Holocaust websites and I was correct. So, instead of me playing middle man, in this case I am going to send you directly to this article by John Jaeger, a doctoral research and reference librarian at Dallas Baptist University.

Jaeger, John. “Holocaust Resources on the Web: Finding Some of the Best Sites." College & Research Libraries News 71.2 (2010): 80-87.

Other sites

The Borg Lives!

Librarians are an industrious lot, always working to preserve and make organizational sense out of the volumes of information created in this world. They have been at if for over 4,000 years. LibGuides offers another twist. It is the software this guide was created in, but it is also in one sense a community of librarians. If you need help with a research project, consider visiting the LibGuides Community site. You can search the collective brain of over 205,000 librarians who have created going on 800,000+ guides.

Is it at this moment, you history majors, when you suddenly know that your whole life has led you to this realization - you want to be a librarian! :)