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Citation Help for APA, 6th Edition: Movie

Help with common issues and questions with APA 6th ed. Citation Style.


Hitchcock, A. (Producer/Director). (1941). Suspicion [Motion picture]. United States:



Producer and Director: Hitchcock, A. (Producer/Director).
Last name first. Use initials for first and middle name. Follow name by "Producer" in parentheses and then "&" and give the director's name followed by "Director" in parentheses all ending in a period. As Hitchcock is both the producer and the director, his title is combined.

Date: (1941).
Date of when movie was released in parentheses followed by a period.

Title of the movie: Suspicion
Follow APA rules for capitalization. Italicize title. Do not end with a period.

Motion Picture: [Motion Picture].
List motion picture in brackets followed by a period.

Motion picture's country of origin: United States:
Give the country where the movie was released followed by a colon.

Name of the movie studio: Turner.
Give the name of the company that released the movie such as Paramount Pictures, Lucas Films, Walt Disney, etc. followed by a period.

Hint: To find out some of this information on your movie, consult The Internet Movie Database

NOTE: For more information, see page 209 in the 6th edition of the APA manual.