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Graduate Management Writing: Web Sites

Research guide for MAM and MBA students in the Graduate Management Writing course.

Internet Search Engines

Light Bulb Image  Tired of using the same old search engines? 

Try using some of these other search engines.


Acadmic Resources:

Google Scholar

  • Locate articles, reports, and other resources using Google.

Microsoft Academic Search

  • Similar to Google Scholar.


General Search Engines:

Librarians' Internet Index

  • Search engine created by librarians listing good quality references on a variety of topics.


  • A visual search engine that shows relationships between web sites.


  • A new search engine provide "see and find" results. Also, displays results in a tag cloud.


  • Displays results as thumb nails or screen shots.

Sweet Search: A  Search Engine for Students

  • Web sites evaluated by the research experts within their field.


Specialized Search Engines:

  • "The Official Business Link to the U.S. Government" 

  • A specialized business search engine.

  • Offers pros and cons of controversial topics.

Public LIbrary of Law

  • Authoritative resources for legal research. 

  • A specialized search engine searching all US, state, and local government web pages.


Having trouble locating the right statistics for your research? Try these commonly used sites!



  • Statistics fro 100 different Federal agencies

Statistical Abstract of the United States


Atlas of Minnesota, Second Edition 

  • "Social and economic characteristics of the North Star State"

Compare Minnesota 

  • Compare Minnesota to other states


  • Economic database

Occupational Outlook Handbook

U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

U. S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics


International Database (IDB) 

  • International statistics created by the U.S. Census Bureau 

  • "World Statistics, Country Comparisons"

Statistics Canada 

  • "The official source for Canadian social and economic statistics and products."

United Nations Statistics Division 

  • Statistical service of the United Nations. 

World Factbook 

  • Created by the CIA. Provides information about all countries of the world.

How to Cite Web Sites

Evaluate Web Sites