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Graduate Management Writing: Reference

Research guide for MAM and MBA students in the Graduate Management Writing course.

Reference Universe

Search the CSS Library's Reference collection for your topic by using Reference Universe. This database will direct you to articles within the encyclopedias and other reference sources in the print collection at CSS, as well as reference works within our electronic reference collections.

Click Here to Search Reference Universe

Note: Once you click submit you will be prompted for your Novell user name and password. This is the same user name and password you use to access your CSS email, your WebCT courses, and the computers in the computer labs on the main campus.

Research Tip

Light Bulb

Write down all the sources you consult. Be sure to include all the information you need to cite your sources! Also, list sub-topics, terminology, authorities on your topic, and intersting authors/titles from bibliographies.


Electronic Reference

The library maintains a collection of online reference sources which may be searched both on-campus and off-campus. When accessing these works from off-campus, you will be prompted for your Novell username and password, which are the same username and password you use when accessing Cor, Blackboard or your CSS email.

Business, Management, Marketing, & Economics Encyclopedias

General Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia Reference Collections

  • Gale Virtual Reference Library - a collection of electronic encyclopedias on a variety of subjects. Includes Business encyclopedias including Business Plans Handbook, Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society, and Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries.
  • Sage Reference Collection - a collection of electronic encyclopedias by Sage Publishing. Includes Business encyclopedias including Encyclopedia of Leadership and the Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.


NOTE: These collections are limited to the CSS population. Therefore, you will need to login to the reference collections using your Novell user name and password. This is the same user name and password that use to login to Cor, Blackboard, your CSS email, or the computer labs on the main campus.


Reference Tip

Light BulbThe Reference Collection has a variety of different sources that can help you with your research project. The most common types of sources include directories, handbooks, dictionaries, almanacs, and encyclopedias. Each source has a specific function and contains different information. 

What kind of information will you find in each of these sources?

  • Dictionaries - use to find the correct spellings of words and their meanings.  
  • Directories - use to find information about organizations, their address, phone numbers, and key personnel.  
  • Almanacs - use to find statistics, figures, tables, and facts on specific areas or topics.
  • Atlases - use to find maps and other geographical information including statistics, dates, physical features, etc.
  • Handbooks - use to locate concise data on a specialized topic. Examples of data include statistics, instructions, procedures, etc.
  • Encyclopedias (both specific and subject specific) - are great places to background information on your topic. Other information you will find include: important dates, authorities on your topic, bibiliographies, and key terminology.