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Women's History Month at The College of St. Scholastica: Home

Learn about the amazing women who have shaped our College and made it what it is today.

Women's History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, each week for the month of March a new piece of history will be shared about the women who shaped our College and made it what it is today. These stories will be posted in COR in the announcements. Referenced in these stories are women highlighted in this photo gallery. Click on the side arrows to learn more about these amazing women.

The Women of CSS

Mother Scholastica Kerst

Mother Scholastica Kerst "The Founder"

Sister Katharine McCarthy

Sister Katharine McCarthy "The Scholar"

Mother Agnes Somers

Mother Agnes Somers "The Builder"

Sister Ann Edward Scanlon

Sister Ann Edward Scanlon "The Mentor"

Sister Constantina Kakonyi

Sister Constantina Kakonyi "The Sculptor"

Sister Mary Charles McGough

Sister Mary Charles McGough "The Artist"

Mother Martina Hughes

Mother Martina Hughes "The Composer"

Sister Joan Braun

Sister Joan Braun "The Historian"

Gladys Swanson

Gladys Swanson "Swanny"

Sister Mary Odile Cahoon

Sister Mary Odile Cahoon "The Biologist"

Sister Timothy Kirby

Sister Timothy Kirby "Free Spirit"

Sister Mary Richard Boo

Sister Mary Richard Boo "The Author"

Sister Margaret Clarke

Sister Margaret Clarke "The Renaissance Woman"

Sister Agatha Riehl

Sister Agatha Riehl "The Researcher"

Sister Monica Laughlin

Sister Monica Laughlin "The Musician"

Sister Mary Rochefort

Sister Mary Rochefort "The Educator"