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Click on the titles of the following articles, and then login with your CSS network ID (same username and password as Cor, Blackboard, or your CSS email)

Note about Accessing Articles in the Online Reading List

Image of a blue and green earth with a computer mouse and cord over it.Most of the articles in this online reading list are coming from the CSS Library databases. When using the Library databases and accessing the articles from any of the Online Reading Lists, be sure to use one of these internet browsers - Mozilla, Chrome, or Safari (Macs).  Do not use Internet Explorer. The databases do not work well in Internet Explorer. The vendors of the databases have been notified about this problem but they have not created a fix for this as of yet.

If you continue to have trouble accessing any of the articles, please contact Julie Rustad. Her contact information is located below.


Accessing Online Articles

To access the articles in the reading list:

  • Click on the linked title of the article,
  • Next, login to the system with your network username and password (the same username and password as Cor, Blackboard courses, and CSS email),
  • You will then be brought into the database where you will find the record of the article.
  • Look for the PDF of the article - for Ebsco databases, look in the upper left corner; for the ScienceDirect database, look in the left corner before the search text box; and for the ProQuest databases, look on the right side of the page in the small box next to the bold title of the article or look for a "Full text - PDF" tab in the center of the page.

Online Reading List

To access this article, click on the citation. You will be prompted for your network username and password. This is the same username and password you use to access Cor, Blackboard, and your CSS email. If you encounter problems, please contact Julie Rustad.


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