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The human imagination looks to the beauty in the skies.

In honor of CSS - Louisburgh

2021 marks the first year since 1980 in which CSS hasn't sent a delegation of faculty and students for the College's Ireland Program in Louisburgh, County Mayo. In honor of the program and the birds of our "Irish campus," here is a lovely painting of a Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) by our colleague Dr. Patricia Hagen, who, with her husband Dr. Tom Zelman, led the program on seven different occasions. Dr. Hagen's painting (enlarge by clicking on the thumbnail) is from 2015, when this species was a frequent visitor at the campus feeder.

Birds in Art

Sketch of birds from Ceylon Pot

Sketch of George Bain's sketch of "an Eastern Relative of the Bird in Pictish Art (with interlacing necks and topknots) From earthenware pot, modern, Kandy, Ceylon. Berlin Ethnological Museum." Bain, George. Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction. New York: Dover, 1973. p. 105.

Image by T. White. Please do not use without permission.

They watch us, too.

The eternal war

“Much is said of the state of contemporary education. So, perhaps the younger generation can be forgiven if they think the only eternal war that exists is between vampire & werewolf. That is what silly books will do. But there is another, older, eternal battle waged between contestants of equal worth, fox vs. crow, vulpes vulpes vs. corvus brachyrhynchos.

Aesop knew two thousand years ago, just as I know today. Who is a match for the watcher from the top of spruces? The mimicker? The tool maker? The strutter around the bird feeder? The petty thief of shiny objects? Not the eagle. His flight is ignominious. Not the raven. He made his last stand against the crows from a tall red pine as I watched from the woodpile last May. Certainly not I, for I am nothing but a man.

We will live under the tyranny of the crow until the fox returns … until the king comes across the water.”

From  “As willy REYNARD view’d with wishful eyes, a CROW possess’d of a delicious prize … “

A Whimsical Field Guide

Entry for "chickadee," from A Field Guide to the Birds of Duluth Township,  a lost book attributed to CSS Librarian Todd White. Letterpress & photoengraving by T. Arthur White. 6" x 9"

Entry for "pileated woodpecker," from A Field Guide to the Birds of Duluth Township,  a lost book attributed to CSS Librarian Todd White. Letterpress & photoengraving by T. Arthur White. 6" x 9"

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